Sinai Beach
The Religious Burden Of Imperfection

Why is man so easily fooled by the evil one?
Surely he can't use our own beliefs against us, can he?
Your soul is free, but your mind is chained in hell
You go on each day
And go to sleep each night
Guilt-ridden of the past and in fear of the future
From a humanistic religious etiquette: perfection
Your soul is free, but your mind isn't.

Mirror lyrics:

Your soul is free, but your mind isn't.
From a humanistic religious etiquette: perfection
Guilt-ridden of the past and in fear of the future
And go to sleep each night
You go on each day
Your soul is free, but your mind is chained in hell
Surely he can't use our own beliefs against us, can he?
Why is man so easily fooled by the evil one?

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