Mortalitas Part Iv From Beneath You It Devours

You cannot run, cannot hide
She knows you're there
And fills her veins with your blood

Once you were powerful
and took whatever you wanted
But now she fills her veins with your blood

The magentic centre pulls you close
From beneath you it devours

The fire within is extinguished
while water rinsed your face
The air corrodes your being
so the earth can take your dust

Mirror lyrics:

so the earth can take your dust
The air corrodes your being
while water rinsed your face
The fire within is extinguished

From beneath you it devours
The magentic centre pulls you close

But now she fills her veins with your blood
and took whatever you wanted
Once you were powerful

And fills her veins with your blood
She knows you're there
You cannot run, cannot hide

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