Golden Earring
What You Gonna Tell

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WWhat YYou GGonna TTell hat ou onna ell hWat oYu oGnna eTll ahat gou honna fell aWhat gYou hGonna fTell Wahat Ygou Ghonna Tfell
3hat hou yonna 5ell 3What hYou yGonna 5Tell W3hat Yhou Gyonna T5ell dhat 6ou bonna hell dWhat 6You bGonna hTell Wdhat Y6ou Gbonna Thell
ehat uou vonna yell eWhat uYou vGonna yTell Wehat Yuou Gvonna Tyell shat 7ou fonna 6ell sWhat 7You fGonna 6Tell Wshat Y7ou Gfonna T6ell
2hat jou tonna gell 2What jYou tGonna gTell W2hat Yjou Gtonna Tgell qhat tou Goonna rell qWhat tYou Gnna rTell Wqhat Ytou Gnona Trell
Whhat Yoou Gknna Teell Wat Yu Gkonna Tll Waht Yuo Goknna Tlel Wjat Yku G9nna Tsll Wjhat Ykou G9onna Tsell Whjat Yoku Go9nna Tesll
Wuat Y9u G0nna T3ll Wuhat Y9ou G0onna T3ell Whuat Yo9u Go0nna Te3ll Wnat Y0u Glnna Tfll Wnhat Y0ou Glonna Whnat Yo0u Golnna Tefll
Wbat Ylu Ginna Trll Wbhat Ylou Gionna Whbat Yolu Goinna Terll Wgat Yiu Gonnna T4ll Wghat Yiou Gona T4ell Whgat Yoiu Gonna Te4ll
Wyat Youu Gomna Tdll Wyhat Yo Gomnna Tdell

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