When Everything Goes Wrong, Take The Easy Way Out

(When all is said and done, please just let me out)
I will kill myself.
If it means nothing else will keep me from sleeping tonight.
Leave me alone.
You did enough to ruin me.
My broken soul can't take another day.
I beg for you to leave.
God if You're waiting for me, won't you please open the gates?
God if You can hear me, OPEN THE GATES

Mirror lyrics:

God if You can hear me, OPEN THE GATES
God if You're waiting for me, won't you please open the gates?
I beg for you to leave.
My broken soul can't take another day.
You did enough to ruin me.
Leave me alone.
If it means nothing else will keep me from sleeping tonight.
I will kill myself.
(When all is said and done, please just let me out)

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Eveeything Wronh, East Easty Evereything Wrongh, Easyt
Everyything Wrony, Everthing Wronyg, Evertyhing Wrongy,

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