The Bowler's Botha, The Batsman's Gooch

Gooch, you're scum, it's as simple as that
Defending white oppression, battling for Apartheid
Blinded by the Krugerands
Ignoring all the shanty towns
The fascist, racist governments
The beatings, the internments
And Botha bowls a full toss and Gooch hits a boundary

Still padding up and batting for the biggest white lie

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Still padding up and batting for the biggest white lie

And Botha bowls a full toss and Gooch hits a boundary
The beatings, the internments
The fascist, racist governments
Ignoring all the shanty towns
Blinded by the Krugerands
Defending white oppression, battling for Apartheid
Gooch, you're scum, it's as simple as that

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